The Simple Solution for International Calling From Your Mobile Phone

GlobalMobile is a separate add-on service to your existing wireless plan. This service provides very competitive international mobile telephone rates. Since GlobalMobile works as a separate service from your existing wireless plan - there are NO telephone numbers to change, NO contracts to sign, and NO long-term commitments!

How GlobalMobile Works

Once you sign up for GlobalMobile, simply place a call to the GlobalMobile US access number, and your mobile telephone is automatically recognized. From there, you are able to dial any telephone number in the world, at up to 75% savings. There are no calling card numbers or PINs to remember. It’s that easy!

Pay Only For What You Use

With GlobalMobile, there are NO monthly fees, NO hidden charges, NO contracts to sign, and NO long-term commitments - you pay only for what you use! GlobalMobile allows convenient billing to your UNFCU credit or debit card at the end of the month for completed calls only, with access to your billing statement and calling details online.

To apply for a UNFCU credit card, click here, and for a UNFCU debit card, click here

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* GlobalMobile service is only guaranteed when calling from the United States, since international access numbers may not provide Caller Identification.