Experience Great Calling Rates No Matter Where You Are In The World

GlobalCallback is for members who make international calls originating outside the United States. This service offers low international telephone rates by initiating all calls from the United States. There is no need to change your existing long distance provider. GlobalCallback is fast, easy, and less expensive. Please note charges are billed to your UNFCU credit or debit card at the end of the month and only for completed calls.

To apply for a UNFCU credit card, click here, and for a UNFCU debit card, click here

The entire process only adds about ten seconds to normal dialing and provides the caller with super low international long distance calling rates.


You can also trigger a callback using your Internet browser, by sending an email, or by sending an SMS message on your cellular phone. GlobalCallback is a great solution for mobile phones with free incoming calls!

Same Low Rates No Matter What Time You Call

All GlobalCallback minutes are “anytime” minutes - which means you will experience the same low calling rates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Since there are no calling timeframes to remember, there is no need to watch the clock or “schedule” your long distance calls.

Signing up online or over the telephone is fast and easy! You can be calling all over the world at the most competitive calling rates in a matter of minutes!

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