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PhoneWorld offers the Global Calling Card (post-paid)


The GlobalPostpaid calling card is the World’s Best Calling Card! Our phone card offers great savings on international long distance phone calls to all countries around the world. Make international calls from your cell phone in the US and avoid expensive rates from your mobile carrier. To make an international call from your mobile phone, dial our local access number and then dial your destination. When you travel overseas, you can call using toll free access numbers in over 80 countries. Each phone card also has international callback service, which lets you to make callback calls from any country in the world, even where local phone card access numbers are not available. Best of all, our phone card is a “postpaid” card, so you are only charged for the actual minutes you use!


  • Rates as low as 4.4¢ per minute – see our Rate Calculator for details
  • Toll-free phone card access numbers in over 80 countries
  • Same low rates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Make international calls from your mobile phone
  • 6-second increment billing, 30 second minimum
  • Convenient online account management and credit card billing
  • Optional International Callback service available when calling from outside the U.S.
  • Optional conference calling and call forwarding services available
  • No activation, connection, or monthly fees. You don’t pay unless you use your card!

 When you signup, be sure to check the Global Callback option if GlobalPhone does not have a toll free number in the country where you are living, or if the callback rates are lower than the toll free number in your country. To use callback, you dial a US number and let it ring once to trigger a callback. Our switch will callback to your registered callback number overseas and prompt you to dial your destination. Callback works in every country.

GlobalPhone is the one source for all your international communications needs! Sign up now!


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